First, here is the chunk of snow & ice on both sides of the White Knight!  I am sure Mom’s getting better gas mileage now.

Drove from Roanoke to Charlotte with a promise of a hike somewhere along the way! Mom drove, Dad found a state park along the New River Trail! There is a SHOT TOWER there!   Wow! Two shot towers in one week! And can you believe they had a caboose and a very easy to walking trail along old Norfolk & Western train lines.

Bonus! I have never met a horse. I saw them from a distance and when we got up close I barked at them. They just looked back at me; “Whaat?”

Dad was excited to see a train trestle and I think the caboose sighting took him over the top!


The Shot Tower was built more than 150 years ago to make ammunition for the firearms of the early settlers. Lead from the nearby Austinville Mines was melted in a kettle atop the 75-foot tower and poured through a sieve, falling through the tower and an additional 75-foot shaft beneath the tower into a kettle of water.

New GOAL: Visit all the Shot Towers! Philadelphia, Iowa, & Bridgeport Connecticut! So far this one we came upon is the oldest, built in 1807. You will notice it is also square!