Staying at the Quality Inn tonight and tomorrow. Hoping we have better luck finding a hike. Today we tried one, but it was a nature conservation area and guess who they do not want to walk?? DOGS! The next one we tried was a crazy mountain bike trail. Unfortunately the mosquitoes were coming out and the trails were surrounded by swamp…and guess who hangs out there!! Crocodiles! YIKES! I could outrun one, but probably not Mom.

Driving to these trails, we noticed many FEMA trailers outside of homes. And many piles of drywall and trash. There was a huge flood August 2016, 2 feet of water! Our hotel had about 5 feet of water and had boats coming in the front door to rescue people. Crazy the area is still in recovery mode 7 months later.

The moon rises over the Comite River! And what a funny tree trunk! Talk about BARK!

Population? 230,000 (people)

Dinner for Mom & Dad at LSU themes bbq, TJ Ribs!