Took a walk to the mailbox today…2 miles there and back. Saw this Long Horn along the route! He has moss hanging from his horn. I tried not to laugh.

We decided to try the upper deck of the tower for sunset. Dad is afraid of heights…but had not problem leaning out for this shot. I found a critter under the false floor…chased the thing all around the deck. Dad saw it in the slats and thought it was Miss Tiggy Winkle. But they do not live here. Turns out it was a RingTail. Wikipedia’s Ring Tailed. You can barely make out the fur in the floor board shot. Each day at sunset and sunrise the Canyon Wren Catherpes mexicanus woke Mom with a loud, clear, descending song.

Aunt Ann says we have a project for the weekend to catch the Ringtail. Alas, they called in a service to set a trap. Still had not been caught by the time we left. I think I could have done a better job!

Dad waved to Mom from below when she went on a beer run. Then I thought I would climb on to the ledge. Dad nearly had a heart attack but did go for another shot, holding me!

What an exhausting day, chasing the ringtail under the floor!