Below you will see some tree leaf photos…Sweet Gum Tree!

Another walk through Ocklawaha forest which is near the Ocala National Forest. Today we saw Gopher Tortoises again and….an Armadillo!  Aunt Jane came with us and I was trying to point to stuff with her…wait for the rest of the story! Ok I am back. I had to have dinner and chase a bunny…Back to the Armadillo story. We were walking just normal and then another Armadillo appeared right in front of me!  Same time Mom saw it and as soon as she said it, I was at the end of my lead with Dad and I busted the Gazinta! Think on that for awhile and you will figure out that is the part of the hook that goes into the rest of the hook on the lead. So!!! There I was chasing an Armadillo across the path and into the woods! Finally Dad was able to call me and I decided Armadillo is just too difficult for dinner. What a day!!