We hiked a trail the day before in Sunny Hill and we missed the look out tower! So the next day we went back and hiked along a levee…another levee! This one was between two creeks which were all green and swampy looking. Guess who likes to hide in that kind of water!!! Yup! Alligators. A lot of alligators. Mom and Dad agreed to keep an eye on their side of the path. Dad got really good at spying the alligators and counted 10! Here is one in the photo below. The hike was a loop trail, and on the way back we had to walk along the same levee. Dad wondered what one does if an alligator lies in front of your path.  Guess they learned you just wait. Three alligators started to cross the path in front of us and each one as we came close, way to close for MOM, turned and went back into the water. PhEW! But I thought once I could see them move…hmmm…I have not had an alligator encounter..yet! Mom said do not even think about it!

We also came across a bee hive area. We could hear the bees buzzing! Quite a sight!