I think I might be able to join them the next time they go to this brewery! Backyard Barn Winery & Microbrewery. It was outside and inside and the farm has a dog…

Grandma is exhausted from our visit. She has to keep an eye on me and sometimes she gives me walnuts. She and I are friends now.

We had bad storms for two days and I think this branch may have fallen from the wind or maybe been struck by lightening.

Ok, now how many photos of alligators can you find??? The Gopher Tortoise was so tiny, I did not believe it was anything but a rock…till it moved and then I became very curious.

Mom has been wondering about these roots that seem to come up around trees near the water. Turns out they are called Cypress Knees!  How funny is that! Trees with knees!

Mom and Dad did not take me to Mystic Ice Cream, but they gave me some frosty paws when they returned.

Today was a 10 mile day…so I am already in bed and hoping whatever lives outside my window keeps quiet tonight!